M.D.Gunasena International School is a part of M.D. Gunasena & Co. Ltd., an organisation that has been synonymous with education throughout its illustrious 96 year history. Since its inception in 1913, M.D. GUNASENA, as printer, publisher and bookseller to the nation, has sought to widen the boundaries of knowledge and education.

M.D.Gunasena International School was the next logical step in our corporate vision and intrinsically linked to our core activity of knowledge dissemination. That we have entered the field of direct education.


M.D.Gunasena International School seeks to make international education a uniting force in bringing together the nations, communities and people of the world. It is our belief that a true international education is the first pivotal step in creating an environment where one is judged not on the basis of religion, race, cast or creed, but on the strength of one's character.

Our aim is to provide an unmatched educational experience, which builds on the intellectual and aesthetic potential of students, while inculcating within them moral and social values that will have a lasting impact on their lives and their future. We are committed to the development of the total being and the expansion of horizons. We therefore seek to impart knowledge and build character in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

A mind once stretched by an idea will never shrink to its original size again. At M.D.Gunasena International School, we are that idea.


M.D. GUNASENAS manage OIS through a Board of Management which draws from vast resources of knowledge and experience in the field of education.


OIS is located in the heart of Colombo, at 9, M.D. Gunasena Mawatha Colombo 12, providing easy accessibility, ample parking and large recreational/play areas. The modern, spacious complex includes state-of-the-art-equipped classrooms, a computer centre ,an air-conditioned library centre, and an on-campus swimming pool. OIS provides a relaxed, homely and secure setting that is ideal for education.

School Academic Year                                                                                    

The school academic year will be from September to August.                                          

General Information                                                                                              



The Development of ethical and moral values take pride of place in the OIS programme. Although the education is undoubtedly international in focus and encourages academic excellence, efforts are made to inculcate virtues like modesty and humility, while retaining the cultural and national identities of our students.


The highest standards of discipline and behavior are expected of students, both during and after school hours, whether on or off campus.

Upon enrolment, students are issued a copy of the school rules, which are to be observed at all times. Parents | guardians are urged to ensure that the child reads and understands the rules.

At OIS truancy is strongly discouraged and parents and guardians will agree that absenteeism is not in the best interest of the child. A written request | explanation must accompany absence from school for sickness or any other reason.


A continuous dialogue in the form of parent teacher meetings enable the teaching staff and parent | guardians to discuss the progress and keep abreast the developments in the child's education, and to identify and rectify potential problems early.


Performance evaluations are held in November | December, March | April and again in July | August, while formative assessments are conducted on a monthly basis. The Aptitude and progress of each student is recorded in his | her Report Card. End of the year, promotion is dependent on the student attaining the requisite standard necessary for the next grade. General performance during the year, including test | examination score will be taken into account in determining whether a student progresses to the next grade.

In addition, projects, assignments, and home work play an important role in developing skills, increasing awareness and enhancing aptitude in subject areas.



A state of the art, air-conditioned resource centre features modern audio and video facilities to assist students in attaining excellence in spoken as well as written English, Sinhala, Tamil and selected foreign languages.


The fully stocked Library and Reading Room features a quiet, comfortable, air-conditioned environment, with textbooks, resource material, study guides and magazines available for lending and reference purpose.


The Computer Centre features hi-tech computers including CD ROM, Internet and Email facilities for the advancement of computer literacy.


The Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratories are equipped to meet the demands of science subjects well into the new millennium.


The Campus Medical Centre has First Aid facilities to deal with minor medical problems, while a licensed Medical Practitioner is available on call in cases of emergency.


The on-campus swimming pool functions ideally as a learners' pool.

Classes and Curriculum

The OIS curriculum is structured to enable students to reach their full potential in whatever educational/occupational path they may choose, in whichever part of the world.The curriculum is diverse enough to enable students to select their subjects in line with individual interest, within a framework of common course requirements. The curriculum is augmented and enriched by the whole range of activities offered outside the classroom.


The Elementary School provides youngsters with the opportunity to develop their individual skills while enhancing interaction and group dynamics. Special emphasis is placed on the development of sensorial, tactile, mathematical and language skills.

The curriculum includes :

      - English Language skills
      - Mathematical concepts
      - Elementary Science
      - Environmental Science
      - Art and Handwork
      - Music/Singing
      - Dancing, Speech & Drama
      - Religion, Spiritual/Moral Development, Education in Human Values
      - Physical Education


During these formative years the important philosophy of self discipline and self motivation would be inculcated among the students of the Primary School.

The curriculum includes :

      - English Language Skills
      - Mathematics
      - Integrated Science
      - Environmental Science
      - Religion, Education in Human Values
      - Geography
      - History
      - Sinhala | Tamil
      - French - (Grade 2 onwards)
      - Information Technology - Grade 2 onwards
      - Art, Hand-work
      - Singing, Music
      - Speech and Drama
      - Physical Education
      - Dancing - Eastern - Western


The Primary Curriculum is largely continued in Junior High School.                              

The curriculum includes :

      - English
      - Mathematics
      - Integrated Science
      - Information Technology
      - Sinhala/ Tamil
      - French
      - Religion, Education in Human Values
      - Art
      - Speech & Drama
      - Singing
      - Eurhythmics
      - Physical Education
      - Life Skills


OIS will prepare students for O/L & A/L examination under Edexcel London subject combinations related to the Science, Commerce and Mathematics streams: From 2009 September onwards, the most up-to-date qualification of the IGCSE will be available at O.I.S.

London G.C.E. Ordinary Level - A minimum of six subjects to be offered at this level in the Science or Commerce streams.

London Edexcel I.G.C.S.E. Curriculum includes - English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Human Biology, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies and Information Technology.

G.C.E. Advanced Examination - Subject combinations related to the London A Level and A S Level Examinations in Science, Mathematics and Commerce streams.

As of September 2000 the GCE Advanced Level reads GCE Advanced Examination giving two new options:

1) London AS Level - Advanced Subsidiary Level
     Consists of 3 units, per subject.

2) London A Level - Advanced Level Examination
     Consists of 3 units per subject

Students get the opportunity to prepare themselves for the AS Level and A Level. A further explanation of the details of the respective units could be obtained from the School.


In addition to the above, the New Key Skills Qualification in communication, application of numbers and information technology will be made available in the learning programme.

Extra Curricular Activities                                     

A range of extra curricular activities is on offer, with requisites, including guidance and coaching. Where off-campus facilities are utilized, supervised transportation will be provided in our own school bus.


Students have an opportunity to engage in individual and team sports including Cricket, Swimming, Basketball, Throw Ball and Badminton. Classes are conducted under the guidance of qualified coaches. Physical Education classes are a part of the curriculum and are held on a regular basis during school hours.


Primary Grade Students are encouraged to learn to play musical instruments and take part in the percussion band. Opportunity is also available for students to be part of the Junior Choir and perform at official school functions.


OIS prepares students for the Speech and Drama examinations conducted by the Trinity College of London. The Sri Lanka festival for the performing Arts, Institute of Western Music and Speech. In addition, dramatic productions are staged at various times during the academic calendar. Students can also opt for Western (Ballet) and Oriental Dance classes, conducted by professionals.


Art and Handwork are actively promoted in the regular school time-table at all grades, culminating in the School's arts and craft exhibition and competition. Interest-generating visits to galleries and museums are organized both during and after school hours.