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The Earth Transformed: An Untold History


“From the international bestselling author of The Silk Roads comes a major history of how a changing climate has dramatically shaped the development-and demise-of civilisations across time.

A 2023 Highlight For: BBC News * Sunday Times Culture * Financial Times * New European * Guardian * New Statesman * The Times * The Week * Waterstones * Blackwell’s

When we think about history, we rarely pay much attention to the most destructive floods, the worst winters, the most devastating droughts or the ways that ecosystems have changed over time.

In The Earth Transformed, Peter Frankopan, one of the world’s leading historians, shows that the natural environment is a crucial, if not the defining, factor in global history – and not just of humankind. Volcanic eruptions, solar activities, atmospheric, oceanic and other shifts, as well as anthropogenic behaviour, are fundamental parts of the past and the present. In this magnificent and groundbreaking book, we learn about the origins of our species: about the development of religion and language and their relationships with the environment; about how the desire to centralise agricultural surplus formed the origins of the bureaucratic state; about how growing demands for harvests resulted in the increased shipment of enslaved peoples; about how efforts to understand and manipulate the weather have a long and deep history. All provide lessons of profound importance as we face a precarious future of rapid global warming.

Taking us from the Big Bang to the present day and beyond, The Earth Transformed forces us to reckon with humankind’s continuing efforts to make sense of the natural world.

Return of a King



‘Dazzling’ Sunday Times
‘Magnificent’ Guardian
‘Sparkling’ Daily Telegraph

In the spring of 1839, Britain invaded Afghanistan for the first time. Nearly 20,000 British and East India Company troops poured through the high mountain passes and re-established on the throne Shah Shuja ul-Mulk.

On the way in, the British faced little resistance. But after two years of occupation, the Afghan people rose in answer to the call for jihad and the country exploded into violent rebellion. The First Anglo-Afghan War ended in Britain’s greatest military humiliation of the nineteenth century: an entire army of the then most powerful nation in the world ambushed in retreat and utterly routed by poorly equipped tribesmen.

Using a range of forgotten Afghan and Indian sources, William Dalrymple’s masterful retelling of Britain’s greatest imperial disaster is a powerful parable of colonial ambition and cultural collision, folly and hubris. Return of a King is history at its most urgent and important.”

STORY OF THE WORLD: Geopolitical Alliances and Rivalries Set in Stone


“STORY OF THE WORLD: Geopolitical Alliances and Rivalries Set in Stone” is a follow-up to the author’s previous “Globe in a Nutshell” book, which presented a collection of facts on geopolitics, history, culture, international relations, and so on. This book is an in-depth examination of the New World Order in the context of current geopolitical developments, particularly the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. It is a compilation of a systematic and comprehensive overview of world affairs, which is a rare find in today’s educational publishing circle. The content is well-organized, factual, and consistent. This literary work is suitable for both students of world affairs and academics.

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