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පිට පිට ම නිකුත් වු වෙඩි ප්‍රහාර දෙකකි ! සිය ළය පෙදෙස දෑතින් ග්‍රහණය කරගත් එම බිහිසුණු මිනිසා රුධිර ගංඟාවක් මධ්‍ය‍යේ මිහිමත වැටී සදාකාලික නින්දකට පිවිසී සිටියේය …. මේක තමයි යුක්තිය. මේක තමයි සාධාරණය ! මේක තමයි පරම සත්‍ය‍ය !

Edexcel Internation Gcse(9-1)Mathematics A Student Book 2


Mathematics A’ prepares students for the new 2016 International GCSE (9-1) Mathematics A specification. Together, student books 1 and 2 provide comprehensive coverage of the Higher Tier specification. This book, which includes access to the ebook, is designed to provide students with the best preparation possible for the examination.

English Foundation Skills Work Book 2 (Nelson)


The simplicity of the twin-track structure of Nelson English enables you to support your pupils’ language development with a rigorous skills programme. It provides a highly structured course which is easy to use and simple to manage. The Foundation Skills Workbooks 1-4 and the Word Book are ideal for independent work

Cambridge Primary Science Skills Builder 2


The Challenge and Skills Builders are differentiated activity books to be used alongside the Cambridge Primary Science course. Cambridge Primary Science is a flexible and engaging course written specifically for the Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum Stages 1 to 6. The course uses an enquiry-led approach that helps pupils to think and work scientifically.

Cambridge Primary Science Actvity Book 2


This Activity Book for Stage 2 contains exercises to support each topic in the Learner’s Book, which may be completed in class or set as homework. Exercises are designed to consolidate understanding, develop application of knowledge in new situations, and develop Scientific Enquiry and literacy skills.

Cambridge Primary Science Learner`S Book 2


This Learner’s Book for Stage 2 covers all objectives required by the curriculum framework in an engaging, visually stimulating manner. Learning through enquiry is supported by hands-on activity suggestions, which provide integrated coverage of the Scientific Enquiry objectives. Assessment is achieved through ‘Check your progress’ questions at the end of each unit.

Oxford English For Cambridge Primary 2


Clear learning outcomes ensure systematic development of core English skills and provide measurable targets for students and teachers. Thematic units featuring global texts give a foundation to engage and build learners’ confidence. This course offers comprehensive coverage of the Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework.

Oxford English For Cambridge Primary Workbook 2


Extra practice for reading, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation arranged under thematic units. Each unit contains a student reflection on their learning to ensure planning for progress. As part of the whole course, the workbook offers excellent coverage of the Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework.

Nelson Grammar Pupil Book 2


Enhance your children’s essential grammar skills with full coverage of the grammar curriculum for Years 1-6 (P2-7), presented in small, easy-to-manage steps.

E-World Revised Edition 2


e-world is a computer science series based on the feedback received from users across the country. This series is meant for Classes 1 to 8. It is a humble effort to provide comprehensive learning and understanding of basic concepts and applications of computers. A conscious attempt has been made to teach the computer concepts in a student-friendly manner. The language of the books is simple and conversational. Topics have been introduced as conversations to hold the interest of the student

Oxford Reading Circle 2 Revised Edition


Oxford Reading Circle is a graded series of nine literature readers designed for students of Kindergarten to Class 8.

Infant Mathematics 2 Stage


These teacher’s notes accompany the pupil materials for the second infant stage of the SPMG mathematics course for primary schools.

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