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Economics Can Save the World

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How Economics Can Save the World


Economics has the power to make the world a happier, better and more wealthy place for our children.

Economics is too often dismissed as a discipline and criticised for failing to predict our future (an impossible aspiration for any field). But, economics is proper science – yes, just like physics! It helps explain and predict otherwise puzzling phenomena. It upholds the promise of making the world a happier, better, and more just place for us and our children.

Why Economics Can Save the World will explore how economists use their way of thinking to help improve the lives of people and the society in which they live. Economic thinking is used to promote happiness, reduce inequality, fix housing, improve parenting, end poverty, fund public services, allocate human organs for donation and more.

Erik Angner, Professor of Economics at Stockholm University, will explore the possibilities and opportunities for the field while also addressing head-on the issues and critiques to unlock the possibilities of this rich and diverse field to help us all understand how to make the world a better place.

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