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The Wise And The Fool (From The Buddhist Perspective)

This work provides a comprehensive study about people, their activites and behavioural patterns. The primary purpose of this book is to show genuine contrast between the wise (sappurisa) and fool (asappurisa) from the buddhist point of view. Accordingly, Buddhism considers a man as wise when he lives in righteous way achieving material as well as spiritual progress sensitively thinking of he himself, other people, animals and the enviroment in one way and the other believing and accepting that he has next world too. The exact opposite of it, is of course considers as a fool.The book gives the reader wider knowledge to distinguish the major difference of these two categories of people as their identity is very clearly expressed in full length. Some of their characteristics are stated and explained in a broader sense. Their living styles, paths that they select and follow to achieve their targets, how they think, act and talk are elegantly described. Whoever reads this with an open mind will definitely have sufficient knowledge of people, their behaviours and what happens to them at the end of life. It is fervently hoped that the frequent reader of this book will start a new journey of life.
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