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The Desert Hotel

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The Desert Hotel: A Novel


A bankrupt Indian prince; an heir to the biggest hotel conglomerate; a Parsi horse racing tycoon; a struggling, talented young lady; a virtuous, thoughtful, giving, and eccentric Professor. All accidently met at Salzburg during their MBA programme. The interplay of egos, events, and love bring all of them together in a complex matrix—one of love, faith, scorn, enmity, and ambition. After the culmination of the 12-month course, The alchemy has changed; it is now of success, revenge, defeat, and vengeance. At the Twilight of his estate, the prince is carousing amongst the British lords and careless social elites, trying to drown the memories of his lost love, Isabella, in scotch. But destiny forces him to fly back to motherland to take charge of his land.

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