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Tantamount to Bill Gates’ farsightedness for Microsoft and Steve Jobs’ apparition for Apple, the perpetual prophecy reflected in Mr. M. D. Gunasena’s eyes to make the name of his company, M. D. Gunasena a household label has become true to its word. Into more than a century, as to date, since its instigation in 1913, Mr. Gunasena’s genuine prediction for his company to become the forerunner of print craftsmanship has revealed itself to be spot-on and paramount to the growth of the company, M. D. Gunasena into the industry trailblazer in Publishing, Printing and Bookselling.

We are the industry catalysts in practice, by transforming the intangible vision into a tangible, concrete one, purposely and overtly oriented to our customers, by granting a spectrum of print solutions with up-to-the-minute printing technology, cutting-edge, finishing know-hows and unsurpassed client services that enable us to fulfil the explicit needs of our portfolio of customers in the most effective ways that are justly unrivalled in the marketplace.

The hard-nosed, obdurate yet deliberate dedication of the Company to bestow print quality and service, has successively led to many an enviable clientele, including prominent Companies, chief Publishers, principal Designers and primary Advertising Agencies.

Our Mission, our undying task is to add value to our own business and to our customers through unparalleled excellence in our print products, service, commitment and innovation.

“We want customers, not just orders,” is our abiding slogan and philosophy at M. D. Gunasena’s. We austerely, as well as, staunchly put our dictum into practice by committedly and passionately satisfying our customers’ needs and as a result, we have built many lasting relationships that have persisted for decades and fostered affiliations that have steadfastly endured the many transitional changes that have taken place in the printing industry. In summary, the resolution or recipe for our triumph is placing obstinately, the requirements of our customers at the core of everything we do.

As a printer, M. D. Gunasena is committed to extending to its customers the most up-to-date technologies in offset and digital printing and graphic services through our hand-picked machinery and apparatus. We possess an all-inclusive, digital prepress department with the latest technology in Kodak Plate setters, in addition to Apple and Windows Graphic Workstations fitted with the most up-to-date design software, flatbed scanners and digital printers. The Pressroom is impressively furnished with contemporary Heidelberg, Ryobi and Cannon four-color printing presses.

We can claim, with utmost confidence, that we are the finest Book Binder in the country. Our sound conviction that modern technology cannot replace quality binding methods used in the past has led to our adherence to original, traditional methods of hand bookbinding and book restoration in our longstanding Bindery. As Master Craftsmen, together with the enduring desire to produce precision through an eye for detail, we use tools and equipment that date as far back as the 1800s alongside superior, new materials in our determination to produce attractive, creative binding solutions that are exclusive and reflect our unique trait.

The dexterity and flexibility with which M. D. Gunasena Printers adept to its wide variety of print assignments are noteworthy attribute to its product success. Our assortment of merchandise includes Educational Books, Novels, Magazines, Children’s Story Books, Journals, Souvenirs, Annual Reports, Calendars, Brochures, Pamphlets, Book Binding, Book Restoration, and Wedding Invitations.

Each product is tailor-made to to meet market and individual client requirements. We believe that it is the meticulous care that we provide through our customised, professional finishing touches is that which, categorically, abets one to distinguish our products that stand out from the run-of-the-mill products. In support of our convictions, our finishing department is outfitted with advanced technology to offer extensive, finishing solutions to cater to every individual’s prerequisite. The services we render to our clients include, saddle-stitching, perfect binding, laminating, varnishing, dye cutting, foil stamping, embossing and a host of other finishing services.

In addition, our all-encompassing, extensive warehouse has the capacity to accommodate a wide selection of paper stocks and a variety of materials of different densities to entirely facilitate the completion of printing work for our customers, in-house.

Behind the maddening machines is our able workforce, standing in silent conversation. Each personality, vociferously armed with a wealth of talent and skill, has always something diverse to offer to our Company and its customers. Our personages are our priceless fortune, our inestimable possessions. Hence, we can gallantly claim that the core competence of M. D. Gunsaena Printers is absolutely it’s workforce. The Company has never strived to choose short-cuts, compromising its doctrinaire values for inconsequential ambition, thus, handcraft has never been replaced by mechanised hand-skill. The on-board team of accomplished personnel at M. D. Gunasena Printers are rigorously selected, fine-tuned and professionally geared to meet the demanding challenges posed by, not only, current markets but markets in the foreseeable future. Our complete, staff retinue is precisely instructed through our ongoing training programs and workshops to offer consulting services to our customers to ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed by helping our customers to make the best choices and opt for complete and professional printing solutions which are provided under one roof, at M.D. Gunasena Printers. It is a given that when it comes to your next print order, our entourage would offer you a bespoke, inventive voyage of a lifetime, through the intelligence of printing, from conception to completion, that you could not refuse.

M.D.Gunasena & Co. Printers (Pvt.) Ltd.
20, San Sebastian Hill
Colombo 12, Sri Lanka
Tel. (+94) 11 232 3126
Mob. (+94) 77 342 4282
Fax. (+94) 11 243 6528
Email: [email protected]
Working Hours: Monday – Friday 8.00 AM – 5.30 PM

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