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Purple Hibiscus


Longlisted for the 2004 Man Booker Prize. Shortlisted for the 2004 Orange Prize A haunting tale of an Africa and an adolescence undergoing tremendous changes by a talented young Nigerian writer. The limits of fifteen-year-old Kambili’s world are defined by the high walls of her family estate and the dictates of her repressive and fanatically religious father. Her life is regulated by schedules: prayer, sleep, study, and more prayer. When Nigeria begins to fall apart during a military coup, Kambili’s father, involved mysteriously in the political crisis, sends Kambili and her brother away to live with their aunt. In this house, full of energy and laughter, she discovers life and love – and a terrible, bruising secret deep within her family. Centring on the promise of freedom and the pain and exhilaration of adolescence, Purple Hibiscus is the extraordinary debut of a remarkable new talent.

David Copperfield (Puffin Classics)


Based in part on the author’s own life, David Copperfield is the epic story of a young man’s journey of self-discovery – from an unhappy and impoverished childhood to his vocation as a successful novelist. Among the memorable cast of characters he encounters along the way are his brutal stepfather, Mr Murdstone; bubbly Nurse Peggotty; his brilliant, but unworthy schoolmate Steerforth, his eccentric aunt, Betsy Trotwood, the scheming clerk Uriah Heep, the enchanting Dora and the magnificent Mr Macawber – a character much like Dickens’ own father. Full of tragedy and comedy in equal measure, David Copperfield remains one of the most enduring and popular of Dickens’ novels.

My Policeman


“The stunning tie-in edition of My Policeman showcasing artwork from the highly anticipated film adaptation starring Harry Styles, Emma Corrin and David Dawson
Discover the exquisitely told tragic tale of thwarted love behind the major new film adaptation
It is in 1950s’ Brighton that Marion first catches sight of the handsome and enigmatic Tom. He teaches her to swim in the shadow of the pier and Marion is smitten – determined her love will be enough for them both.
A few years later in Brighton Museum Patrick meets Tom. Patrick is besotted with Tom and opens his eyes to a glamorous, sophisticated new world.
Tom is their policeman, and in this age it is safer for him to marry Marion. The two lovers must share him, until one of them breaks and three lives are destroyed.”

Running Wild


An epic and heart-rending jungle adventure from the bestselling author of `War Horse’ and `Born to Run’. For Will and his mother, going to Indonesia isn’t just a holiday. It’s an escape, a new start, a chance to put things behind them – things like the death of Will’s father. And to begin with, it seems to be just what they both needed. But then Oona, the elephant Will is riding on the beach, begins acting strangely, shying away from the sea. And that’s when the tsunami comes crashing in, and Oona begins to run. Except that when the tsunami is gone, Oona just keeps on running. With nothing on his back but a shirt and nothing to sustain him but a bottle of water, Will must learn to survive deep in the jungle. Luckily, though, he’s not completely alone… He’s got Oona.




Colby Mills once felt destined for a musical career, but tragedy grounded his dreams. Now the dust has settled, he spontaneously takes a gig playing at a bar in Florida, seeking a rare break from his duties at home.

But when he meets Morgan Lee, his world is turned upside-down, and Colby can’t help but wonder if the responsibilities he has shouldered need dictate his life forever. Morgan is on her way to Nashville with plans to become a star and she wants Colby to come with her.


Maybe Now


What is more important? Friendship, loyalty, or love?
Ridge and Sydney are thrilled to finally be together guilt-free. But as the two of them navigate this freedom, Warren and Bridgette’s relationship is as tumultuous as ever, and Maggie grapples with her illness.
When she comes across an old list of things she wanted to do “maybe one of these days,” Maggie decides to live life to the fullest and accomplish these dreams. Maggie keeps Ridge updated on her adventures, but he can’t help but worry, even as Sydney grows more and more suspicious about their friendship. But if she’s going to move past this jealousy, she’ll need to reconcile how she and Ridge came together with the fact that Maggie will always be in their lives somehow…or end up walking away from the man she loves so much.


1984 George Orwell


Published in the summer of 1949, George Orwell s Nineteen Eighty-Four is one of the most definitive texts of modern literature. Set in Oceania, one of the three inter-continental superstates that divided the world among themselves after a global war, Orwell s masterful critique of the political structures of the time, works itself out through the story of Winston Smith, a man caught in the webs of a dystopian future, and his clandestine love affair with Julia, a young woman he meets during the course of his work for the government.

රෝමාන්තික ප්‍රේමයේ ලාංකේය ගතිකයන් සොයා යාම


මෙහි දී අපගේ විමසුම් ඇස නාභිගත වන ප්‍රශ්නාර්ථිකය වන්නේ නූතන රෝමාන්තික ප්‍රේමයත් ඥාතීත්ව ආදරයත් අතර දෝලනයක්, ගුණදාස අමරසේකරගේ ජීවන සුවඳ, කරුමක්කාරයෝ, දෙපා නොලද්දේ, යලි උපන්නෙමි සහ ගන්ධබ්බ අපදානය යන නවකතා හා කෙටිකතා මාලාව විසින් විෂද කරනු ලබයි ද යන්න යි. ප්‍රේමයේ මෙම ගතිකය Falling in love ලෙස හඳුන්වන ප්‍රේමය තුළට ඇදවැටීම යන්නට පටහැණි වෙයි. ඉහත කෘති සමස්තය සියුම් ලෙස සහ අන්තර් – පඨිතමය ලෙස කියවමින් ප්‍රේමය තුළට ඇද නොවැටෙන නූතන ලාංකේය ප්‍රේමයේ දුරවබෝධ ගතිකයන් සොයා යාමට මෙහි දී අප උත්සාහ කරමු. මේ කියවීම තුළ න්‍යයයික සංකල්පවලට අනුව ආඛ්‍යාන රාමුගත කිරීම වෙනුවට අප සිදු කිරීමට උත්සාහ ඇත්තේ ආඛ්‍යාන තුළ පුනරාවර්තනය වන සාධක ඔස්සේ සංකල්පීය ප්‍රවර්ග නිර්මාණය කර ගැනීමයි. එම සංකල්පීය ප්‍රවර්ග යම් යම් න්‍යායයික සංකල්ප සමඟ සමාන්තර වන අවස්ථාවන් හි දී වූවත් අප එම සංකල්ප සමඟ මෙම ප්‍රවර්ග අනන්‍ය කරන්නට උත්සාහ කර නැත. මෙම කෘතිය ලාංකේය සාහිත්‍ය කියවීමේ භාවිතයන්ට සේම ප්‍රේමය පිළිබඳ සංකල්පගත කිරීමට ද යම් එකතු කිරීමක් සිදු කරනු ඇතැයි අපි අපේක්ෂා කරමු.

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Great Stories in Easy English – Tales From The Arabian Nights


This is a compilation of several stories of Arabic Nights, a well-known work in world literature. This book, which is available to you as a concise edition, is important for English literature lovers as well as English literature students. It should be noted that at the end of each book there are questions posed by this story and exercises that are useful for further language development.


කල්ගිය නඩුව – ලිහිණි පොත්


එදා අතිශයින් ජනප්‍රියත්වයට පත් වූ ලිහිණි පොත් සංස්කෘතිය බොහෝදෙනාගේ ඉල්ලීම මත නව හැඩයකින් සහ රිද්මයකින් අද මෙසේ එළි දකී. මේ පී. ඇස්. ජෝන් පියසිරි මහතාගේ ‘කල්ගිය නඩුව’ නම් කෙටි කතා සංග්‍රහයයි.

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The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Penguin Modern Classics)


The Caucasian Chalk Circle is a play by the German modernist playwright Bertolt Brecht. An example of Brecht’s epic theatre, the play is a parable about a peasant girl who rescues a baby and becomes a better mother than the baby’s wealthy biological parents.

Through the Looking-Glass (Puffin Classics)


When Alice steps through the looking-glass, she enters a very strange world of chess pieces and nursery rhyme characters such as Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the angry Red Queen. Nothing is what it seems and, in fact, through the looking-glass, everything is distorted.

The Story of the Treasure Seekers (Puffin Classics)


When their father’s business fails, the six Bastable children decide to restore the family fortunes. But although they think of many ingenious ways to do so, their well meant efforts are either more fun than profitable, or lead to trouble..

Little Men (Puffin Classics)


The third book about the March family and their friends.

Just So Stories (Puffin Classics)


In this collection of fables, enjoy delightful tales of whales and cats and kangaroos and crabs. Venture into the High and Far-Off Times, and uncover everything from how the camel go in a humph (and got his hump!) to how the alphabet was invented. Enchanting and very funny, these fantastical stories will take you on a journey to the boundaries of reality and beyond. Recommended for ages 9 to 11.

The Jungle Book (Puffin Classics)


Join Mowgli in the Jungle. After young Mowgli escapes the vicious jaws of the growling tiger Shere Khan, he is adopted by Father Wolf and grows up with the pack. Lovable old Baloo the Bear and Bagheera the Panther teach Mowgli the Law of the Jungle, and so his extraordinary adventures begin. Plus a behind-the-scenes journey, including an author profile, a guide to who’s who, activities and more.Recommended for ages 8-12.

Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales (Puffin Classics)


Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales is an enchanting collection, retold by writer and critic Naomi Lewis, and contains twelve of Hans Christian Andersen’s magnificent stories including Thumbelina, a little girl no more than a thumb-joint high, The Emperor’s New Clothes, the tale of a man who cares only for his appearance and The Little Mermaid, who longs to one day marry a human prince.

Goodnight Mister Tom


Goodnight Mister Tom is a children’s novel by English author Michelle Magorian, published by Kestrel in 1981. Harper & Row published an American edition the same year. Set during World War II, it features a boy abused at home in London who is evacuated to the country at the outbreak of the war

Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Puffin Classics)


From the land of fantastical castles, vast lakes and deep forests, the Brothers Grimm collected a treasury of enchanting folk and fairy stories full of giants and dwarfs, witches and princesses, magical beasts and cunning children. From classics such as ‘The Frog-Prince’ and ‘Hansel and Grettel’ to the delights of ‘Ashputtel’ or ‘Old Sultan’, all hold a timeless magic which has enthralled children for centuries.

The Count of Monte Cristo (Puffin Classics)


The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure novel written by French author Alexandre Dumas completed in 1844. It is one of the author’s more popular works, along with The Three Musketeers. Like many of his novels, it was expanded from plot outlines suggested by his collaborating ghostwriter Auguste Maquet.

The Coral Island (Puffin Classics)


The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean is a novel written by Scottish author R. M. Ballantyne. One of the first works of juvenile fiction to feature exclusively juvenile heroes, the story relates the adventures of three boys marooned on a South Pacific island, the only survivors of a shipwreck.

Anne of the Island (Puffin Classics)


A new, beautifully laid-out edition of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1915 much beloved novel, the third installment in her timeless Anne of Green Gables series.

Kim (Puffin Classics)


Kim is a novel by Nobel Prize-winning English author Rudyard Kipling. It was first published serially in McClure’s Magazine from December 1900 to October 1901 as well as in Cassell’s Magazine from January to November 1901, and first published in book form by Macmillan & Co. Ltd in October 1901

Painter Of Signs


The Painter of Signs tells us the story Raman, a young painter of signboards, a bachelor who glories in his old-fashioned independence, whose work takes him all over Malgudi, and requires him to do business with some of the city’s most important, as well as its most absurd, tradesmen. Raman is polite and businesslike with everyone – but underneath the small talk he conducts a quizzical dialogue with himself about his fellow humans and the meaning of their lives.

Tales From Shakespeare – Puffin Classic


These tales are the perfect introduction to Shakespeare’s greatest plays. Charles and Mary Lamb vividly bring to life the power of Hamlet and Othello, the fun of As You Like It and the drama of Pericles. They never lose the feel of his beautiful language and humanity and convey all of his wit and wisdom. These tales are classic literature in their own right.

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