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Yoga The Path To Holistic Health

About BKS Iyengar Yoga The Path to Holistic Health
The definitive step-by-step guide to the world’s most widely practised yoga system.

Recent scientific research now supports what were once anecdotal claims about the benefits of yoga to every system in the body. For example, did you know that yoga practice can help treat age-related memory loss better than brain-training games? Take it from 94 year old B.K.S Inyengar, who practices yoga daily and continues to lead the way for yogis worldwide!

Dive straight in to discover:

-Step-by-step sequences to a variety of yoga poses suitable for every level of ability
-Classic Iyengar yoga asanas are visually illustrated and followed by a unique 360 degree view of each pose
-Features the holistic health benefits of yoga shown in sequences developed to help alleviate over 80 ailments.

This brilliant book on yoga provides a detailed insight into variations of key yoga poses and the specific benefits of different styles of yoga on the human body, with knowledge on how to alleviate an array of aches and ailments, from asthma to arthritis. A riveting read, you can explore how to achieve technical excellence in your practice, from the comfort of your own home! The first yoga book on the market to feature full-colour step-by-step photographs demonstrating Iyengar yoga practice.

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