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Knowledge Encyclopedia Human Body


Do you ever wonder what is happening inside you right now? See for yourself with this breath-taking book that takes you on a complete tour of the human body. Jaw-dropping new computer-generated images showcase the many parts, organs, tissues, and systems that keep you firing on all cylinders! These strikingly realistic pictures zoom in on the amazing wonders of the human body in breath-taking detail. See how it looks and learn how it works with easy explanations and fascinating facts and figures. Discover why sweating could save your life, how the brain makes memories, and why blood is bright red, together with much, much more in this unforgettable encyclopedia. Knowledge encyclopedia human body! Gives you a unique view of the human body inside and out. Part of DK’s hugely successful knowledge encyclopedia series, this is the perfect accompaniment to the school syllabus and an essential addition to every family library.

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