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Amba Yahaluwo (English Version)

In Sinhala අඹ යහළුවෝ (Amba Yahaluwo) means ‘The Best of Friends’ and this story is the story of two inseparables to which barriers in society are of no concern, Just as long as they are together, be it in school or out of it. However these barriers exist among their parents, mostly based on economic conditions and different status in society, but these do not influence and different status in society, but these do not influence the two friends, Nimal and Sunil.

”Amba Yahaluwo” is a story of courage and steadfast resolve by Nimal and Sunil to stay together the vicissitudes of life and the changing fortunes of the two families.

”Amba Yahaluwo” in its Sinhala original has been reprinted several times and was an approved Reader for use in schools. The book was made into television series in Sinhala and became very popular. The translation into English will afford the English reader an opportunity to understand village life and rural life as it then existed.

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