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Bundle of great stories in easy english

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Bundle of great stories in easy english with free rechargeable reading headlamp


This Bundle of books with a free Rechargeable reading head lamp is a perfect gift for kids who are addicted to reading . When kids read a slew of books in a series, it develops their reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and knowledge on a particular subject. It also makes reading subsequent books in the series easier and more enjoyable,even for reluctant readers. As we offer a free rechargeable lamp, it is adding an additional value, especially during this power cut period.

  • David Copperfield,
  • Great Expectations,
  • Pride & Prejudice,
  • The Three Musketeers,
  • Swiss Family Robinson,
  • Around the world In Eighty Days,
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,
  • Monte Cristo, Robinson Crusoe,
  • Little Women,
  • Jane Eyre,
  • Tom Sawyer,
  • Tales From The Arabian Nights,
  • High Power Head Lamp
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