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Reading and Comprehension for Beginners – Book 5

The book contents with different kinds of reading activities and reading texts including both fictional, and non-fictional which can cater the needs of day today life.

Reading and Comprehension for Beginners – Book 4



Reading is a multifaceted process so it can be developed only with practice. There are certain aspects of reading, such as fluency and word recognition, which can be learned in a few years. These basics must be mastered but at the same time reading comprehension should be emphasized in the process. Students can parrot words on a page all day long but if they don’t have the necessary comprehension skills they will not be able to make predictions about what will happen next, monitor their understanding of content, sequence or characters, clarify confusing parts of the text, or connect what they’re reading to their own experience or prior knowledge. And that is what true comprehension is all about. The lack of strong reading comprehension skills obviously affects a student’s success in his academic life as well as the day today life. Both academic and non academic progress partly depends on understanding, analyzing, and applying the information gathered through reading. 

The fourth book of the series of Reading and Comprehension for Beginners is designed for the intermediate learners as well as for any other learner who is in need to reach the reading and comprehension skill level expected to be mastered in the Book 4.

Therefore the fourth book has been designed to cater the needs of the learners while assisting them in improving their Reading and Comprehension skills. The book will not only improve the skills but also it will help the student to practice Reading and Comprehension further more. The book consists of a variety of interesting activities and texts which are different from each other. Hence the student will find the book more challenging than the first three books which introduced them the very basic skills of reading.

The book will be an assistance to the hard working and up to date teachers and the parents to prepare their children to face the challenges they had with reading and comprehension skills. If your students lack the interest in engaging in reading and comprehension activities, book 4 will be a good solution and a remedy.

Reading and Comprehension for Beginners – Book 1


Reading and Comprehension for Beginners Book 1 is suitable for the learners who want to get their reading and comprehension skills improved. The activities included in the Book 1 are designed to match the level of the readers who have very basic Reading and Comprehension skills.

This is the first book of the Reading and Comprehension for Beginners book series and working through all the books will make your child perfect in Reading and Comprehension skills.

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