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Vanity Fair



  1. Leaving school
  2. Joseph Sedley
  3. George Osborne and Dobbin
  4. The governess
  5. Miss Crawley…etc.

The Three Musketeers



  1. The Three Gifts
  2. Meeting De Treville
  3. Athos, Porthos and Aramis
  4. King Louis XIII
  5. Monsieur Bonacieux’s Request…etc.

Treasure Island



  1. The old seaman at the Benbow Inn
  2. The black spot
  3. The sea chest and the map
  4. Bristol
  5. Powder and arms…etc.

Robin Hood


Robin Hood was the best bowman in England, and he could fight very well with a sword. There was one other weapon that he could use better than most other man. That weapon was the quarterstaff. It was a yeoman’s weapon, but Robin didn’t always carry one.

The Count of Monte Cristo



  1. The ship comes home
  2. Father and son
  3. Mercedes
  4. The judge
  5. The prison…etc.

Robinson Crusoe


Robinson Crusoe is one of the very few English novels that everybody knows, at least in outline. Crusoe and Friday must be two of the most popular characters in English writing.

The Young King and Other Stories – Longman Classics

This series provides a stimulating introduction to the great classic stories of literature and the best in children”s fiction. The books are easy and enjoyable to read, and feature full-page, full-color pictures and photographs. Each title includes interesting information about the authors, and comprehension questions to spark discussion.

Kidnapped – Longman Classics

The best children’s classic stories beautifully retold in easy English and illustrated in full colour.

Prince And The Pauper – Longman Classics

Twain published this novel himself in collaboration with the firm of James R. Osgood. A satiric costume novel full of mock-elegant language and convoluted plot elements, THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER was a critical and financial failure in its day, and a personal disaster for Twain.

The Jungle Book – Longman Classics

A Stage 1 title (containing a 500 word vocabulary) in a series which contains some of the best classic stories in a simplified version. The series is graded in four stages, and each book includes an introduction to the author and story and exercise material (comprehension and discussion questions).

A Christmas Carol – Longman Classics

Visits from three ghosts, Christmas Past, Present, and Future teach Scrooge, a heartless miser, the true meaning of Christmas.
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