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Wild Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka has one of the highest species densities in the world including a number of endemic plants and animals, and unusually large mammals for a moderately sized island. It is one of the best places in the world for seeing and photographing blue whales, sperm whales, leopards, Asian elephants and sloth bears, dubbed Sri Lanka’s “Big Five.” It also has the largest annually recurring “gathering” of wild elephants of anywhere in the word; a truly spectacular event. Further chapters of the book detail wildlife watching opportunities for primates, birds, reptiles, turtles, butterflies, and dragonflies; a description of the parks and reserves by habitat type; and a wildlife watching calendar to help plan a trip. Throughout the book there are extracts from “A Naturalist’s Journal,” which in the form of a first-person commentary take readers to specific habitats in search of the animals to be found there.

History of Sri Lanka


Synopsis This book presents the history of Sri Lanka from the earliest times to the present. Sri Lanka is an ancient civilization, shaped and thrust into the modern globalizing world by its colonial experience. With its own unique problems, many of them historical legacies, it is a nation trying to maintain a democratic, pluralistic state structure while struggling to come to terms with separatist aspirations. This is a complex story, and there is perhaps no better person to present it in reasoned, scholarly terms than K. M. de Silva, Sri Lanka’s most distinguished and prolific historian. “A History of Sri Lanka”, first published in 1981, has established itself as the standard work on the subject.

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