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Block Toys Letters Numbers With Board (QM-8063)

About this item
Easy to use
It provides endless hours of fun and entertainment
It is good to improve imagination and creativity
Perfect for developing kid’s imagination and manual dexterity
It helps improving motor skills, hand-eye coordination
Perfect for developing kid’s imagination and manual dexterity

Magnetic Game (440)

Magnastix – 157 Pcs – Jinda
Grow in wisdom the high magnetic force magic stick
109 sticks and 48 balls
Lighten up with hands-on learning, creative play, and endless magnetic fun!
A full-color instruction guide gets kids excited and initiates the fun!
Once you’ve got the basics, release your creativity and build all kinds of original structures, straight from your mind to reality!
Discover the basics of magnetism and gravity.
Learn step-by-step how to build arches, pyramids, towers, and more.
Understand how to strengthen structures with special designs and two included panels.
Suitable for age 5+ years
The size of the stick is approx 1″
The size of the box is approx 9″H x 1.5″B x 12″L

Magnetic Game (NO 00358-439)

Color Multi
Material Plastic
Type Toys
Occassion Sports
Authenticity / Quality Premium Quality – AAA+
Gender Unisex
Origin Imported
Packing Box

චීන ජන වූෂූ ශාස්ත්‍රීය පෙල – චීන වූෂූ මූලික ක්‍රම – ප්‍රාථමික කඩු හරඹය


කඩුව, රණකාමී කලාවන් හතරෙන් පරිනාමය වු එක් ආයුධයක් වේ. එය හඳුන්වන්නේ රජවරුන්ගේ ආයුධය කියායි. කඩුවකට කැපෙන්නාවු දාරයක් ඇතුළු දාර දෙකක් ඇත. වූ යු චුන් කියු කොටස් 9 සහ සුන්ග් සි කඩු පරිච්ඡේද සියල්ලම අතීත කඩු හරඹ තාක්ෂණය සහ ක්‍රම සම්බන්ධ වාර්තා කරයි.

චීන ජන වූෂූ ශාස්ත්‍රීය පෙල – චීන වූෂූ මූලික ක්‍රම (චෙන් ක්‍රමවේදයේ චුවාන් ඉරියව් 19)


චෙන් ශෛල්‍ය‍යේ තායිජි චුවාන් ඉරියව් 19, නිර්මාණය කරන ලද්දේ චෙන් ශෛලියේ 19 වැනි පරම්පරාවේ ගුරු වූ චෙන් ක්ෂියාඔවැන්ග් විසින්ය. ඔහු එහි පරණ රාශිය වන ලයාඕජියා, අළුත් රාශිය ක්ෂියඕජියා සහ කුඩා රාශිය වන ක්ෂියඕජියා ඒකාබද්ධ කොට ඒවා සරල එකකට නිර්මාණය කරන ලදී.

වඩ වඩාත් ජනතාව චෙන් ශෛලියේ තායිජි චුවාන් තේරුම් ගැනීමට සහ තායිජි සංස්තිය පවත්වා ගෙන යාමට චෙන් ගුරු තායිජි චුවාන් ඉරියව් 19 නිර්මාණය කොට රචනා කරන ලදී. ඒවා කෙටි සහ අර්ථයෙන් පරිපූර්ණ වන අතර චෙන් ශෛල්‍ය‍යේ ලක්ෂණ ඇත.

Bat Wooden No.2

Cricket bat for kids Height 63 centimeter Good quality Grip and stickers installed Durable.

Bat Wooden No.5

Cricket bat for kids Height 77 centimeter Good quality Grip and stickers installed Durable.

Soft Bat and Ball

Dimensions: 60×8 cm
Made of high quality materials
Available for ages 3+

Soft baseball bat

Dimensions: 60×5 cm
Made of high quality materials
Available for ages 3+

An Islands Eleven A History Of Cricket Is Sri Lanka


From Sathasivam to Sangakkara, Murali to Malinga, Sri Lanka can lay claim to some of the world’s most remarkable cricketers – larger-than-life characters who thumbed convention and played the game their own way. More so than anywhere else in the world, Sri Lankan cricket has an identity. This is the land of pint-sized swashbuckling batsman, on-the-fly innovators and contorted, cryptic spinners.
On the field of play, Victorian ideals of the past collide with madcap tropical hedonism to create something dizzying. Cricket is Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka is cricket. We all know the story of the ’96 World Cup: how a team of unfancied amateurs rose from obscurity to the top the world, doing so with such swagger that they changed the way the game was played. Yet the lore of Sri Lankan cricket stretches back much further.
In the early days, matches between colonists and locals imbued cricket with a nationalistic drive. Ashes-bound ships stopping over in Colombo brought the world’s biggest stars, from Bligh and Bradman to Grace and Grimmet. More recently, Sri Lanka has had to face the triumphs and tragedies that come when cash flows freely into the gentleman’s game.
An Island’s Eleven tells this story for the first time, focusing on the characters and moments that have shaped the game forever.

Chess For Children


You’ll learn step by step how each piece moves, how to use such tactics as Forks, Pins and Skewers to capture enemy pieces, how to read the opponent’s strategy to determine whether to attack, defend, or counter with a new plan, how to checkmate and be constantly aware of all the checkmating positions.

Winning Chess Piece By Piece


Using hundreds of diagrams, this book introduces children to chess strategy by teaching the game’s rules, techniques, tactics and variations. Side stories also show how chess skills can be applied to real-life situations, and introduce chess heroes who became grandmasters at the age of 15

How To Beat Anyone At Chess


Whether you’ve played a few matches or are completely new to the game, How to Beat Anyone at Chess helps you master leading strategies for one of the hardest games out there. Each page guides you through important moves with easy-to-understand explanations and tips for staying ahead of your opponent. From utilizing the queen’s power to slaying your rival’s king, you’ll learn all about the traps, squeezes, and sacrifices that give players an extra edge and how you can use these techniques to beat the competition.

First Moves-How To Start A Chess Game


First moves is an opening primer for the complete novice. It offers clear, simple advice on how to start a game of chess playing either as White or Black. It is a book to be read not studied

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