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365 Stories

A wonderfull book with many colourful illustrations and 365 stories to read, one for each day and night of the year!

Incredible Word Search

Here is an incredible opportunity to rejuvenate, refresh and enrich your vocabulary with some fantastic word puzzles. Keep yourself entertained , and  your intellect sharp with our 72 humongous word grids. If you find yourself wanting more, explore the other 4 books we have for you in our word search series.

Top word search book-3

This is an indispensable book for those seeking hours upon hours of enthralling entertainment that also boosts, tests and refreshes one’s vocabulary. Keep your mind active and your intellect sharp with the 72 gigantic word grids inside and the hundreds of scintillating terms they contain from across genres. If you find yourself wanting more, we have 4 other equally addictive books in this series- Top Word Search.

A Treasury Of Classic Stories

A collection of the most popular classic tales ever!Discover the world of brave knights and just kings, of clever animals and smart kids. Get enchanted by the beautifully illustrated stories of lively people in exciting locales
❣️The Sword in the Stone
❣️Little Red Riding Hood
❣️The Wolf And The Lamb
❣️The Lion And The Mouse
❣️Tom Thumb
❣️The Swallow And The Birds
❣️The Hare And The Tortoise
❣️The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse
❣️The Fox And The Stork
❣️The Lion King
❣️The Jungle Man
❣️The Ants And The Grasshopper
❣️Puss In Boots
❣️The Jungle Book
❣️The Ugly Duckling

Kids Board Book Fruits And Vegetables

An ideal gift for growing kids ‘Kids Board Book’ is a useful and handy book to help them learn about fruits & vegetables in a unique way. Adorable pictures or each alphabet labelled with their names help preschoolers enhance their knowledge about fruits and vegetables. This enjoyable board book packed with amazing images will attract the attention of toddlers and enhance their learning curiosity. They will love turning the pages of this cute little book, again and again!
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