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Exploring Information Technology Class 8


Exploring Information Technology is a comprehensive series on Computer Science designed for classes 1 to 8.

My Third Activity Book


The new and enhanced edition of the series of books titled My First, Second and Third Activity Book, has been developed primarily for pre-school and nursery classes along the guidelines specified by the NCERT in its recommendations on Pupil Achievement at the Primary Level. This series teachers the student the 3-R’s through activity-based exercises that are directly related to the Indian nursery and primary school environment.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is, with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, one of the best loved works in American of a boy, and the story is, about the coming of age of the book’s hero as a conscientious human being.

The Mill on the Floss


Book Contents

  1. Boy and Girl
  2. Schooldays
  3. The Downfall
  4. The Days of Reckoning
  5. The Great Temptation
  6. The Final Rescue

Silas Marner


Framed for a theft that he never committed, Silas moves to a new town with a heart full of sadness because Sarah, to whom he was engaged, refuses to marry him. Silas Marner recounts the story of how Silas finds a meaning life in the new town.

Designed for school-going students, this book contains features which promote language skills such as graded comprehension tasks and exercises for the development of writing skills.

David Copperfield


David Copperfield is the first novel of Charles Dickens. It is considered by many as one of the finest literary works ever produced. It narrates the story of its hero from his birth, unfolding his moral, emotional and intellectual growth. It was said to be the favourite novel of the world-famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.

My Second Activity Book


My First, Second and Third Activity Books have been developed essentially as activity workbooks for nursery and pre-primary classes. Therefore, written instructions on the worksheets have been kept to the minimum.

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