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My First Illustrated Dictionary

Reading Level 8-12 My First Illustrated Dictionary is a rich collection of age-appropriate words, chosen to build the vocabulary of young children and to give them a head start in learning to use the English language. The dictionary aims to take children on an alphabetical journey of words with the help of colourful and interesting pictures. Pictures are a source of great delight to young children and can enhance the learning process of any language. Keeping this fact in mind, each word and its corresponding picture in this dictionary have been carefully chosen. At the end of this dictionary, there are notes on parts of speech, singular and plural forms, verb tenses, compound words, and homophones with many examples of each. Encourage your child to find out more word forms used inside this dictionary.

The Oxford Student Learner’s Dictionary

For all students studying English, the new Oxford Student Learner’s Dictionary provides ample help with everyday usage as well as technical vocabulary.
Key Features:Contains over 47,000 entries
Uses a defining vocabulary of 2,500 words to help make all definitions clear and simple
Provides 40 extra study pages on grammar, punctuation, essay-letter-report writing, geographical features, periodic table and other subject-specific information
Includes thousands of examples to illustrate the use of words in sentences
Provides over 4,000 useful notes on vocabulary building

The New Millennium Pocket Dictionary


Over 11,000 definitions, written in friendly, accessible language, are supported by more than 250 detailed colour illustrations. This handy, pocket-sized dictionary is an ideal reference work for home and school.

The New Millennium Illustrated Dictionary


The New Millennium Illustrated Dictionary sets new standards in reference publishing for today’s generation. Over one thousand superb colour illustrations, many surrounded by labels with more specialized vocabulary, are combined with text written in friendly, accessible language. The perfect dictionary for home and school from age 9 to adult.

Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary


A world of information awaits in this engaging illustrated dictionary for kids!

Featuring over 35,000 entries and more than 3,000 full-color photographs and illustrations, this children’s dictionary makes learning new words fun!

Created by the renowned language experts at Merriam-Webster, this English dictionary for kids ages 7-9 includes:

• Reference section with continent maps and information, world flags, U.S. state information and flags, and a full list of U.S. presidents and vice-presidents
• Synonym and Word History boxes that highlight particular characteristics and meanings of words
• Maps that include new countries, borders and cities
• Clear definitions written for young readers are combined with full-color images, enhancing the learning experience

Featuring a fresh design with color-coded page borders for each letter of the alphabet, and modern photographs and illustrations that give a lively, accessible look at the entries, this junior dictionary is the ultimate school project companion!

Each entry is fully explained with its definition, usage, examples, and notes on spelling and punctuation. Word senses have been refreshed to reflect modern usage, and maps and country statistics have been updated to include new countries, cities, borders and flags.

Whether at home or in school, Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary is an indispensable reference resource for children to have on hand as they work through school assignments and learn important research skills.

Oxford French Mini Dictionary

This is the reissued Oxford French Mini Dictionary – now in an attractive new format.
This small dictionary offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary with over 40,000 words and phrases and 60,000 translations. Easy-to-use colour design and a centre section of useful words and expressions listed by topic make this dictionary ideal for travel and quick reference.

Simple English Dictionary

Most students in sri lanka study the meaning of English word in Sinhala or Tamil. This book aims at training the students to give the meaning of words in English. This will create English speaking environment in the class room. This book gives the meaning of more than 3500 words. The meaning of each word is given in simple  language.

Oxford Mini Dictionary (Indian Edition)

The seventh edition of the oxford english mini dictionary belongs to the family of dictionaries based on the oxford dictionary of english (ODE). it aims to provide wide-ranging, up-to-date, and compact coverage of the core vocabulary of current english in a highly portable format.
Definations are written in a clear and accessible style using straightforward language, with the most common meanings of words placed first in individual entries. A fresh, open layout and design makes the dictionary especially easy to use. special notes throughout the text give extra help and guidance on difficult spellings, on words that are easily confused with each other, and on tricky points of usage. pronunciations are given for words which might cause problems, using a simple respelling system.

Baillieres Dictionary For Nurses & Health Care Workers : South Aisa Edition

About the Book: Baillieres Dictionary For Nurses and Health Care Workers : South Aisa Edition This second South Asia edition of the popular classic baillières nurses dictionary is fully updated to meet the needs of nurses and health care workers in the South Asia region. Containing a wealth of useful information in a convenient pocket-sized format, this is an essential resource for everyone involved in nursing and health care. Sixteen anatomical review sheets have been added to help the. Students for quick review of the most common anatomical structures. Forty-four quick reference nursing sheets have been added which will serve as a handy reference to the most

Oxford Beginner’s French Dictionary ( South Asia Edition)

Each Oxford Beginner’s Bilingual Dictionary is designed to offer English speaking adult learners a comprehensive, straightforward introduction to foreign languages, covering all the vocabulary needed for the first years of study, along with notes on grammar and usage and guidance on the culture where the language is spoken.
These easy-to-use references break from standard dictionary design. Clear entries with examples showing how the language works in context make it quick and simple to find the translation you’re looking for, and the bold, color layout makes the dictionary easy to navigate, allowing you to get to grips with the language fast. All main translations are preceded by an equals sign so that they are instantly identifiable, and all parts of the entry are spelled out in full, avoiding confusing jargon and abbreviations. Grammar and usage notes throughout the text warn of possible translation pitfalls, and thousands of example phrases show how the language is used in real life.
At the center of each dictionary is a section devoted to useful information on the country, countries, or regions where the language is spoken. This includes background on lifestyles and culture, tips on etiquette and interaction, and a phrasefinder that provides handy phrases for use when traveling abroad. The dictionary also includes a section on core vocabulary–all the words you absolutely must know at a beginner’s level, whether you are a student, traveller, or business person.
The Oxford Beginner’s Bilingual Dictionary is the perfect tool for adult language learners who need basic vocabulary at their fingertips fast.


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Oxford learners pocket english dictionary: student book (advanced) is one of the dictionaries that have strongly stood the test of time and vocabulary for several years now in fact, this is an appropriate dictionary for people whose first language is not english the dictionary is very rich in providing the etymological details of any word and has in the recent years incorporated many new words oxford learners pocket english dictionary is very helpful for those who want to gain fluency in either spoken or written english it not only teaches new words but also helps in knowing the pronunciation details there is also a tutorial on writing, comprising of 23 pages, which helps to bring skill to one’s writing, making it richer and beautiful besides including words more than 18 lakh, the dictionary has huge collections of idioms and phrasesthis dictionary comes with a cd rom which helps one in knowing the pronunciation of various words one of the most attractive things about the dictionary is that it also highlights the common mistakes in the usage of english in addition to that it also has commonly used irregular verbs, abbreviations, and geographical names, etc it is helpful for quick and easy reference oxford learners pocket english dictionary: student book (advanced) was published by oxford university press as students edition in 2008 it is available in paperback

Oxford Picture Dictionary (3rd Edition)


The monolingual dictionary (American English) is the core component of the Oxford Picture Dictionary Third Edition program, building students’ vocabulary, reading, and critical thinking skills for success in their daily lives. Dictionary ensures vocabulary retention with over 4,000 words, 421 verbs, and practice activities

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