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Tricolore 2 – 5th Edition Grammar in Action


Tricolore 5th edition provides stimulating, up-to-date content with tailored resources to inspire and stretch high-achieving students. Closely aligned to the 2014 Programme of Study, this course teaches essential skills while developing independent learning and creativity. The course also places an emphasis on getting students prepared for GCSE and beyond. Take a look and see how it supports grammar skills, reading and translations of authentic texts, and spontaneous speaking. This new edition now includes: – Detailed, progressive grammar and skills coverage, plus a focus on sound-spelling links to support pronunciation, spelling and transcription – On-the-page extension activities to support students with prior knowledge of French or those in need of an extra challenge – End-of-unit summaries and unit assessment in all four skills Tricolore has a full suite of resources to support your needs: the Student Book, Teacher Books, Workbooks, Audio CDs and next generation Kerboodle.

Oxford English: an International Approach 2


“This new course provides students and teachers with current, meaningful, and practical activities along a theme-based approach to help students to develop skills, gain confidence and enjoy the study of English.

Oxford English: an International Approach 2. Workbook


“The Workbook will encourage students to read closely, write with enthusiasm and get involved in the subject of English in a challenging and meaningful way. Published On: 2010-07-20

Progress In Geography Key Stage 3


“Motivate pupils to develop their geographical skills, knowledge and understanding as they become engaged and accomplished geographers, ready for the demands of GCSE.

Specifically designed to provide a solid foundation for the 2016 GCSE specifications, this Student Book takes an enquiry-based approach to learning within each unit and lesson.

– Easily and cost-effectively implement a new KS3 scheme of work: this coherent single-book course covers the latest National Curriculum content, providing 150 ready-made lessons that can be used flexibly for a two or three-year KS3

– Build and improve the geographical knowledge and skills that pupils need: every double-page spread represents a lesson, with rich geographical data and place contexts for pupils to interpret, analyse andevaluate

– Lay firm foundations for GCSE: key vocabulary, command words and concepts are introduced gradually, preparing pupils for the content and question types they will encounter at GCSE, with a particular focus on analysis and evaluation questions

– Effectively assess, measure and demonstrate progress: formative assessments throughout each lesson and summative end-of-unit reviews include questions that show whether pupils are ‘working towards’, ‘meeting’ or ‘exceeding’ expectations

– Encourage pupils to check and drive their own progress: learning objectives and end-of-unit learning outcomes help pupils reflect on their learning and make connections between key concepts and skills throughout the course”

Exploring Information Technology Class 7


Exploring Information Technology is a comprehensive series on Computer Science designed for classes 1 to 8.

Goodnight Mister Tom


Goodnight Mister Tom is a children’s novel by English author Michelle Magorian, published by Kestrel in 1981. Harper & Row published an American edition the same year. Set during World War II, it features a boy abused at home in London who is evacuated to the country at the outbreak of the war

History In Progress Book 2


Exciting and engaging material supports key themes from the new Programme of Study.

Tamil Grade 7 – For Use In International Schools


Tamil Grade 7 : For Use In International Schools

Exploring Science 8 International 11-14


Pearson’s popular 11–14 Exploring Science course – loved by teachers for its exciting, real-world science – inspires the next generation of scientists. With brand-new content, this 2019 International edition builds a base for progression to International GCSE Sciences and fully covers the content of the 13+ Common Entrance Exam.

Sinhala For (Grade 7) In International School



අඹ යහළුවෝ


ට්.බ්.ඉලංගරත්න සූරින්ගේ නවකතා සමුහය අතරින් අඹ යහළුවො ලබාගෙන අත්තේ සුවශේෂ ස්තනයකි.කන්ද උඩරට පිටිසරබද සුන්දර ගම්මානයකදී අඹ යහළුවො එකිනෙකා හමුවෙති. ඒ සුනිල් හා නිමල්ය. දුප්පත් – පොහොසත් පවුල් දෙකක ඉපෙදුණු මේ දෙදරුවන් කේන්ද්‍ර කොට ගෙන මෙම කතාව ගලා යයි. පාසල් වියෙහි පසු වන ඔහුන්ගේ අශාවන්, දගකාරකම් හා කෙළි කවට සිනහවෙන් එය පිරි ඇත.පවුල් පසුබ්ම මගින් වෙනස් වුවද දරුවන් ගේ සිත් කදුකරයේ ගලා යන සිහිල් දිය කදුරක් වැන්න.එය නොකිලිටිය. බොහො දෙනාගේ ප්‍රයොඡනය පිණිස පවති. උඩරට ගැමි ඡිවිතය හා විශ්වාසය පිළිබදව ද කියැවෙන මෙහි බස සරල ය. සන්වාද පිරිපුන් ය.

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